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Acoustic Music by John & Heidi Cerrigione

Acoustic Musicians
Featuring Autoharp, Hammered and Mountain Dulcimers


Thank-you for visiting our web page. Here you’ll find contact information for ordering Physical CD’s, as well as links for downloading or listening to digital versions of our music. We also have links for following us on Facebook, and listening to us on You Tube Music radio.

About Us

Heidi & John

Acoustic Musicians featuring Autoharp, Hammered and Mountain Dulcimers

John & Heidi Cerrigione (‘ser-a-go-nee) live in Ellington, Connecticut and enjoy playing old time sentimental music. Instrumentation typically includes guitar, autoharp, banjo, mountain and hammered dulcimer. Their tunes are drawn from many traditional sources, including fiddle and dance music of early America, the British Isles and Switzerland. Retired from performing music in 2020.

CDs or Digital Downloads

Physical CDs available by Mail.
$12.50 per title, includes shipping (Check Sales Only)
For inquires, message us directly below.

Digital Downloads available On-Line from Amazon Music

Stay On the Farm

Winter’s Turning

Joy to the World

John & Heidi titles are also available as Digital downloads through Apple iTunes (Subscription required), by searching CERRIGIONE in the iTunes store.


You Tube

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Listen to us on You Tube Music Radio


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Free Liner Note Downloads

“Wood Stoves & Bread Loaves”

“Winter’s Turning”

“Joy to the World”

“Stay on the Farm”

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